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Difficult to distinguish Cabe light box VS Rab light box?

Source:sunside advertising china factory printing mesh banner printing Time:2021-02-23 Browse:0

     Advertising light box is now widely used by businesses in the form of indoor advertising, in the mobile phone store, sports brand store, indoor business door signs and other places are very common.


Cabe light box cloth VS Rab light box cloth 

Different Material

    cabe light box cloth material using UV soft cloth, 3P cloth, pearl cloth and other materials, the picture is made of high-definition UV machine printing, soft film is made of PVC material, fire level is B1, waterproof, sunscreen.
    Rab light box cloth material using knife coated fabric, lamp, Polaroid cloth and other materials. The picture can be outdoor HD photo or UV machine printing, with high strength, good ductility, strong flexibility. In contrast, it is more suitable for harsh environments and is generally used outdoors.


Cabe light box cloth VS Rab light box cloth 

Different appearance

The cabe light box cloth is a frameless profile, no face cover, and its soft film printing surface has uniform color, bright coloring, smooth, and the cloth is delicate and true.It is more commonly used indoors.

  The conventional size of the light box frame used in the cabe light box is 3cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm.


The specifications and styles of the rab light box are more than that of the cabe light box.The thickness of cabe light box is 3-16cm, and the thickness of rab light box is 3.5cm-17cm. The rab light box frame used in the cloth light box is 3.5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 12cm, 17cm.


Cabe light box cloth VS Rab light box cloth 

Different installation methods

Cabe light box cloth installation screen will be installed around the light box cloth directly embedded in the groove of the outer frame of the light box can be.When changing the cloth, pull out the adhesive strip to change the picture, and it is more convenient to replace.

  Rab light box cloth installation, in the cloth four holes on the metal buttonholes, the installation of the picture when the use of binding belt will cloth and frame on the buckle ring bundle tension.