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International Trade


1.College?education with?good?English?communication?CET-4?or?above .
2.Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing , familiar with Office software operation . 
3.Needs?a?strong?sense?of?responsibility , ?stable?work?seriously?and?actively take the?initiative?to?hard-
working, duties?and?the?spirit of?teamwork.?
4.Can to work independently and under pressure , have a strong ability to work independently and ?Problem
solving capabilities . 

Work requirements: 
1.Alibaba international station familiar with the background operation, regularly optimize the product, release
product information,improve product ranking, improve exposure. 
2. Use online customer service software, e-mail, telephone, etc. to respond to customer inquiries, quotes, customer
follow-up and so     on.
3.Need to practice 1-3 months in the production workshop familiar with the product process. 
4.Well-paid , no responsibility for basic salary + high commission.

5.The company 6 days working system ,  provide? free?food and free accommodation.