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The application of UV Printing in real life is too much

Source:sunside advertising china factory printing mesh banner printing Time:2021-02-23 Browse:0

      Window advertisements use glass showcases to display important products operated by the store to stimulate consumption.With the need for commercial sales, the form of window will be more and more diversified. Window is not only one of the important ways to promote commercial sales, but also the beauty of window adds a beautiful scenery to the city.

    UV Printing generally refers to the UV machine through the form of a straight line will be divided into three rows, up and down the printing ink, white ink printing in the middle.When we choose UV printing when the machine is printing, it will print a layer of white ink with color ink first, and then print a layer of color ink.UV Printing will make the color saturated, high accuracy, and the front and back sides are gorgeous eye-catching. Whether it is product advertisements or decorative patterns, the three-dimensional and high brightness of the color white and color ultra-transparent window sticker screen gives the window glass more visual beauty. At the same time,the corrosion resistance and heat resistance of UV also meet the weather resistance requirements of the material during the cycle.