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UV printing advantages

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UV printing advantages:
1. UV drying ink printing, UV curing environmental , effectively reduce the pollution of the environment;
2. Concavo-Convex sense surface, strong vision stereo sense;
3. 5 meters wide without any joining, 720 x1440dpi precision, and can output various kinds of coil material;
4. Adopt imported from UV ink environmental protection, waterproof sunscreen, outdoor use 3-5 years not color fade;
5. Picture color saturation, distinct, realistic effect of three-dimensional, and print quality make you perfect
6. Used for light box advertising display strong visual impact;
7. Equipped with white ink printing technology, can realize the personalized print on special material more, make your unique products ;
8. The UV printing has solved the traditional water-based ink, paint  ink, solvent ink, not black , black and dark grey problem, black not

previous  lighttight effect.Contrasted, contrast, black not previous to light effect.

9. Applies to clothing, jewelry, watches and clocks, cosmetics and other high-end business applications.