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Roll up banner stand

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Printing&Display equipment products oversea business,the core parter of Japan Roland.

Roll up banner stand

Type :double sided roll up banner stand ,counter roll up banner stand,Electric roll up banner stand,Collapsing display ,

telescopic pole roll up banner stand,drum-type roll up banner stand,wide base roll up banner stand,circle-type roll up

banner stand,arc-type roll up banner stand,luxury roll up banner stand,single foot roll up banner stand,water drop roll

up banner stand.

Because the temperature is different at different place,sometimes the picture likely to cause a slight curl, suggested

that picture when not in use for a long time, please pack up the picture saved; In addition, aiming at the problem of

roll up screen curl, we are constantly tested and improved, and select the double-sided cloth or canvas screen, instead

of the traditional PP and PVC, and make the image looks more nice durable.