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Australian friends Dave Sham-Yuen and Gim visited

Source:sunside advertising china factory printing mesh banner printing Time:2023-09-14 Browse:251

Our Australian friends Dave Sham-Yuen and Gim came to visit our factory.We have cooperated with for nearly 5 years. At present, the products they produce in our factory are environmentally friendly materials and use the UV printing. Products include polypropylene board, aluminum-plastic board and gecko stickers. The most distinctive feature of these materials is that they are environmentally friendly materials. As we all know, Australia strongly promotes the use of environmentally friendly materials, and our customers are no exception.


This time we mainly discuss the size of the pp board, because the polypropylene board needs to be installed on the shelf, in order to better match the shelf, we need to strictly control the size. After a long time of communication, the final sample customer is very satisfied!