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The golden partner of rough wall -- high viscosity adhesive Car sticker

Source:sunside advertising china factory printing mesh banner printing Time:2022-06-10 Browse:734

Car sticker, also known as car body sticker, is a kind of printing material composed of PVC functional layer, adhesive layer and backing paper.Car stickers have good weather resistance and ink absorption, so it is widely used in a variety of indoor and outdoor fields.

Advantages of car stickers: UV resistance is strong, the material is thicker than the indoor material, it is more wear-resistant after lamination.In practical application, it can be used for glass, floor , car body advertising, etc., and it is mainly for outdoor use.

In commercial activities, car sticker is commonly used for floor advertising, but it normally will be laminated with a layer of film to increase the wear resistance of the finished product. In the car body advertising, the stickers can stretch slightly because of a certain ductility compared with the indoor material

In recent years, car sticker is more and more widely used on much situation. As the cooperation between decoration and advertising industry is becoming more and more frequent, car stickers are more and more applied to decoration, providing customers with diversified choices.

Car stickers are suitable for car body advertising and decoration,board sign applications, indoor and outdoor advertising. And the material is suitable for a variety of solvent ink, Eco-solvent ink and UV ink printing